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Missing in Action – Good Content You Might Have Missed

by Tommy G. Kendrick

Actors Talk – The ‘Missing’ Episodes

Over the past 6 episodes, downloads for Actors Talk have increased exponentially. Part of the reason is that we are finding our audience. Thank you!!!

One way we are finding our audience is by accepting an invitation from Short Film Texas to have Actors Talk embedded on their site.

Since we began that relationship, our downloads have soared. So this is a big thank you to Short Film Texas and to all the new listeners we’ve been able to reach through that relationship.

Because downloads have increased so significantly for the recent episodes, I know that earlier episodes have also picked up new listeners. However there is some excellent content for filmmakers
and actors that has been missed.

So the challenge has been how to let this growing audience of actors, writers, directors, filmmakers, composers, producers know about the great FREE content they may have missed.

There is information here for actors, film composers, directors and also for those just interested in hearing about life in Hollywood from a very successful actor, Rick Lenz.

To help remedy that I’ve made a list on of four different episodes that I think the acting and filmmaking audience should definitely not miss.

I’d love to hear your response to these episodes and to all episodes as well. Keep in mind that you can leave a voice mail message by clicking the red tab on the site or by calling 877-518-2530 (in the US). You can also leave comments at the bottom of the show notes for each episode or send me an Email.

I hope you enjoy these ‘Missing Episodes’ of Actors Talk.


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