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Love Covers All Movie With Kyle Prohaska | 054

by Tommy G. Kendrick

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This is my second time to interview Love Covers All writer-director, Kyle Prohaska. Kyle was previously my guest on Actors Talk Episode 15.

Kyle had written, directed and produced his first film, STANDING FIRM, for his own production company, Praise Pictures, when barely more than a teenager.

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As a young director flying largely by faith fueled passion for becoming a filmmaker, he had guided that film to an almost unbelievable success for a first-time filmmaker. His movie not only got made, but through some savvy marketing and a lot of hard work Praise Pictures got the film into Christian bookstores, into RedBox and into the hands of thousands of consumers.

I was able to interview Kyle a couple of years after the release of STANDING FIRM after he had time to digest the experience and assess his own performance as a filmmaker on that first film.

To have Kyle back on the eve of release of his new film,Love Covers All, struck me as a great opportunity to see how this filmmaker has grown over these past several years. I am hopeful that our conversation will inform and encourage others who are in the midst of preparing a first or second film.

michael joinerOne thing I know for sure – Kyle Prohaska is a talented young man with a vision for his company, Praise Pictures. Kyle wears his passion for making movies and making them well, on his sleeve.

He and his films are a ‘work in progress’ and he has a refreshingly realistic take on where he is as a filmmaker. And where he wants to go.

The progress he has shown as a filmmaker between STANDING FIRM and LOVE COVES ALL is easy to see and fun to observe. All aspects of LOVE COVERS ALL are far ahead of Kyle’s first film, as one might expect.

Listening to him talk about the vision he has for Praise Pictures and the kind of company he wants to run I have no trouble visualizing his eventual success.

reel3_pic-1024x545LOVE COVERS ALL might strike you as a ‘Hallmark Hall of Fame’ type title. That’s how it struck me. And that’s not a bad thing. There’s no pretense of who the audience is for this film. This is a family friendly film made for the Christian audience.

Filmmakers like Kyle Prohaska can crush the notion that faith centered movies are by definition poorly produced and poorly acted and well, that’s okay, because the filmmaker’s hearts are in the right place.

You know the attitude: If they produced another bad movie that perpetuates the reputation of Christian movies are substandard, amateur affairs, then get off their backs because those filmmakers have a greater purpose.

44_grab_smThose words are mine, not Kyle Prohaska’s. But it seems clear to me after talking with him, after seeing what he writes publicly about making movies, that he wants no part of the old paradigm for Christian films.

The Christian move making community appears to be taking some rather large strides in stepping up their filmmaking chops. If you’re interested in faith-based or Christian movies or whatever terms finally sticks, you should definitely be watching the work of Kyle Prohaska.

If you’re an indie filmmaker making movies for the secular market you’ll want to pay attention as well. Because Kyle Prohaska and Praise Pictures has been rather successful in getting heard and seen in a very crowded marketplace. Keep an eye on Love Covers All. Better yet, support this indie filmmaker with a digital download or dvd purchase of Love Covers All.


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