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Audiobook Narration – An Intro to ACX | 058

by Tommy G. Kendrick

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Audiobook Narration

I’ve been interested in audiobook narration for quite some time. Since I have no experience in that aspect of the voice over business, I’ve never really pursued it. There just seemed to be too many uncertainties. Too many complications.

When I heard or read information from narrators, it was often of the negative sort. It was too time consuming. It was a hard niche to break into. Etc. Etc.


ACX is a marketplace where professional authors, agents, publishers, and other Rights Holders can post fallow audiobook rights.

At ACX, those unused audio rights will be matched with narrators, engineers, recording studios, and other Producers capable of producing a finished audiobook, as well as with audiobook publishers.

The result: More audiobooks will be made.

Too many authors have been left out of the quickly growing and culturally repositioned digital audio market. Until now.

ACX puts you in the driver’s seat. If you’re a Rights Holder, you choose how you produce your audiobook—whether on your own or by engaging a Producer on ACX—and you choose among two royalty models.

If you’re a Producer, ACX allows you to post a profile and be seen. Plus, you can be proactive and audition on ACX for posted titles.

I’m not sure when I first became aware of Audiobook Creation Exchange or ACX.

Probably a couple of years back.

I’ve had account there for more than a year, I do know that. But once I created the account, I didn’t do anything with it.

Actually, the story is worse than that.

Not only did I not ‘do anything’ with ACX, I actually turned down a couple of opportunities that came my way from just establishing a profile there.

What? Yes, I turned down potential audiobook narration, money paying work. Why?

Because I was afraid. Of what?

I was afraid I wouldn’t be good enough…I’ve never narrated a book before.

I was afraid I would not be able to deliver the audiobook narration files in a manner that complies with the ACX audio quality control requirements.

 And the editing requirements. It takes a LONG time to edit the narrated audio, removing bad takes, etc. Right? Yes. But one of the core elements of the ACX Master Class is instruction on how to speed up the editing process using the excellent, free audio editing software, AUDACITY.

I have no experience interacting with a rights holder in this way and I was also afraid of not knowing enough to be even modestly professional.

So I did nothing…mostly. Oh I would hit the site once or twice a month and download audition material to practice on. But really, that was it.


About a year ago I got an email about a class called the ACX Master Class.

The class, with a comprehensive syllabus covering audiobook narration on ACX, was to be taught by Dan O’Day and David H. Lawrence XVII. Dan O’Day, I wasn’t familiar with, but I was fairly familiar with Lawrence, who is a well-known voice over talent and teacher. He is also the developer of an app I like quite a bit called, Rehearsal. It’s an iPhone app for actors that helps with line memorization.

As it turns out Dan O’Day is very well-known and respected in the radio world.

As time to register for the class approached, I began to receive more marketing materials about the class and I was, indeed interested.

However, when it came time to register, I discovered that the class was quite expensive. As in QUITE expensive.

Due to the expense and some uncertainties I had about whether a union issues and about meeting the ACX quality control standards, I decided to pass on the class.


Fast forward to January, 2015 and I began receiving emails again about the ACX MASTER CLASS. The same class I had passed up in 2014.

The marketing materials this time around included testimonials from students from the first class…the one I passed on. One of the first videos I saw was the one just above. This video was recorded by the narrators without the input of the class creators. At least that’s their story, and I have no reason to doubt it.

After listening to the testimonials and doing a good bit of online research, frankly, looking for any ‘bad news’ that was lurking about concerning the class, I decided that this time around I was not going to let the opportunity pass.

I talked it over with my wife, Jane. I had her watch some of the student testimonial videos with me and she was as sold on the idea for me as I was for myself.

So, I’m happy to report that beginning on the evening of February 2,2015, I will begin a four-week master class on audiobook narration and specifically how to use the ACX site to begin working in this very interesting niche of the acting business.

It is my plan to report back my own experience in the class.

I have every expectation that my ‘final report’ will be very positive. But, if I find the class is not what it’s cracked up to be, I’ll certainly report that as well.

Did I mention that this class is expensive? It is. But it also looks to be a very good value. Sometimes, you get what you pay for.

Either way, I’ll let you know in a month.


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