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Actors Talk Podcast with Tommy G. Kendrick is Live

by Tommy G. Kendrick

Just a quick update here to say that the Actors Talk Podcast has gone ‘live’. We’re approved in iTunes and available for download.

The plan is to produce a weekly show beginning in the middle of January. I need ’till then to finish lining up some initial interview
subjects and to get interviews recorded.

So far I’ve been able to secure a fairly wide range of film industry folks to participate: actors, a film composer, an actor/web developer and reps from SAG and AFTRA.

Please feel free to use the comment hotline at: 512-660-7160 to leave questions you’d like answered about ‘the biz’ of acting. This podcast is for actors of all levels, so don’t be afraid to ask your question, no matter how basic you think it may be.

Looking forward to lots of fun with the Actors Talk Podcast in 2012!


Great idea Tommy! Looking forward to the podcasts! There's so much to talk about in this industry.

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