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Michael Bott – He’s A Marathon Man | 066

by Tommy G. Kendrick

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Michael Bott – Marathon Man

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Why do I say Michael Bott is a Marathon Man? Because it seems to me he embodies the notion that an acting career is ‘a marathon not a sprint’. He’s in for the long haul.

Michael BottWith 35+ years experience in stage and film acting with credits such as the National Theater and the Royal Shakespeare Company in addition to a number of film and television roles (most recently a 15 episode stint on the BBC daytime drama DOCTORS) Michael Bott has a resume to be proud of.

This actor’s journey hasn’t been all in a straight line, however. After about twenty years in ‘the game’ Michael stepped away temporarily from acting to work as a videographer and documentary filmmaker. One of his projects is an outstanding documentary called STANDING WITH STONES. More about that project a bit farther down the page.

Michael Bott – Actor Chat


I first became aware of Michael via the BLAB.IM live streaming platform. I had heard about BLAB while listening to a podcast and I decided to see what all the stir was about.

Of course I went there searching for content about acting and filmmaking and one of the first shows I happened upon was one called Actor Chat, with Michael Bott as the host and discussion leader. I found the Actor Chat sessions to be absolutely terrific and I was hooked on them and I suppose to an extent on Blab.

I recall being absolutely shocked while listening to one of the Actor Chat recordings when I heard the discussion veer onto a topic that included a reference to some content from an episode of this podcast. Wow! I always HOPE that some helpful information is being distributed through Actors Talk, but to hear something referenced in a live chat happening across the Atlantic was pretty cool indeed.

Michael Bott – Actor Notes Podcast

michael bott actor

As I began to search for more information about Michael Bott and his career, I soon learned that, like myself, he produces a podcast.

Once I had found and subscribed to his ACTOR NOTES podcast, I became an even bigger fan. The presentation skills Michael Bott possesses are top notch. With a smooth delivery and a wonderful tone to his voice, I quickly ‘binge listened’ to (at the time) all nine episodes of Actor Notes. I never miss an episode.

As a bonus, not only is the listener treated to Michael’s thoughts about acting and ‘the business’ but he also has a series of shows featuring his wife, Sharon Bott, who is a life coach and a terrific podcaster in her own right.

If you check out just one episode, I think you’ll become a regular listener.

Michael Bott – Standing With Stones

One of his documentaries, a film called STANDING WITH STONES, which he photographed and directed, is particularly impressive. Imagine packing up in a motor home and hitting the road to through Britain, Ireland and Scotland to shoot a film about prehistoric stone structures. That’s what he did, along with fellow traveler on this project, writer, Rupert Soskin.

Here’s what Michael Bott has to say about the project:

In 2005 my dear friend Rupert Soskin and I threw caution to the wind and embarked upon the production of an epic documentary film – a travelogue visiting the standing stones, stone circles and other ancient sites of Britain, Ireland and Scotland. It took two years and the result, of which we are very proud, is ‘Standing with Stones.

Standing with Stones – The Trailer from M. Bott on Vimeo

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