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A New Podcast Player – How To Tell Who Is Listening – Short Listeners Survey

by Tommy G. Kendrick

Listeners, I need a bit of assistance here. I’m considering using a new Podcast Player on websites that embed Actors Talk on their sites and I’m checking out a player fro PODTRAC.

They have a really cool Audio/Video Player that I think might just fit my needs for embedding Actors Talk on third party websites. Here’s a look at the player I’m considering.

Since July, Actors Talk episodes have been available for download from the great Short Film Texas site. Having a podcast player embedded on SFT has dramatically increased the number of downloads we’re getting for each new episode. So THANKS to Short Film Texas and THANKS to all the new listeners who’ve found us there.

So what does taking a survey have to do with all of this? The new player I’m considering using at Short Film Texas appears to be more configurable than the present player that you see on the SFT site. The present player has size limitations that don’t perfectly conform to the design needs of SFT. The player WORKS, it just doesn’t work perfectly.

The PODTRAC PLAYER appears to be able to solve this issue. As part of using the Podtrac Player, the Podtrac developers ask that users like me include an audience survey on our websites.

So here you go. This survey will take about 10 minutes to complete. You don’t have to give any personal information that is tied to you or your contact information.

If you’d complete the survey, it will give me and Podtrac more information about the demographics of who is listening to ACTORS TALK.


Shawn Hunter
Shawn Hunter

Hi Tommy,

I embedded the new player on the site - scroll to the very bottom of any page.  It looks great!  It is a shame that the stats do not work properly.

I've tried to adjust the size of the area in which the current player displays but cannot get it the player display correctly.  Can you try resizing the player to 300 x 270?  Also, can you switch to the Standard player versus the Legacy player?  It appears that the Standard player needs 30 less pixels than the Legacy.


Shawn Hunter

TommyGKendrick moderator

I really liked the Podtrac player but there seemed to be a problem tracking stats when using this player rather than the one  from my media host, Libsyn. It may have been a coincidental problem of a period of slow stats updates from Libsyn, I'm not sure. But, the downloads dropped through the floor while using the player above so I switched back to the Libsyn player. I'm talking about the embedded player on 

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