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Confessions of A Rising YouTube Star | 053

by Tommy G. Kendrick

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A YouTube Star is Born

I don’t think it’s any mystery as to why I started ‘Confessions of a Bitter(sweet) Actress.‘ … At the time, I was frustrated that I wasn’t able to showcase my talent to an audience because I wasn’t getting auditions and therefore wasn’t booking… until I realized that auditions and bookings should never be an excuse to not share your abilities. We are in such a wonderful time period where we can create our own work on an iPhone and share it with whomever we want within seconds.

I was in show prep mode for my interview with actress and YouTube rising star Cheryl Texiera, when show business press stalwart, Variety published an article entitled New Breed of Online Stars Rewrite the Rules of Fame.

Cheryl_SmileBy the time I read the Variety article, I had viewed a half-dozen or more YouTube videos starring, written and produced by Cheryl Texiera.

I related to Ms. Texiera (I’ll refer to her as Cheryl from now on) in our chat that as I read the Variety article I kept expecting to see her name mentioned. It was not.

That her YouTube comedies are mentioned in some future article detailing ‘where it all started’ for Cheryl Texiera, will surprise me not at all.

How was I so quickly captivated by this talented dynamo? We’ll get to that in a moment. But first, a little background on Cheryl Texiera.

Cheryl is a native New Yorker who has wanted to be an actress since childhood. (See episode 1 of Confessions of a Bittersweet Actress.)

She has four siblings and while she’s the only actor in the family, her two brothers, Peter Texiera and Robert Texiera are both professional photographers.

Growing up in New York with dreams of being a Broadway actress, I wondered why she made the move to the west coast.

Confessions Of – Moving To L.A.

Cheryl TexeriaI asked Cheryl why she made the move from New York to Los Angeles and I got a beautifully candid answer:

She was unable to really get a foothold on the business in the Big Apple, or as she says she ‘never figured it out’.

She really had dreams of being on Broadway and she began to notice that many actors appearing in Broadway shows were actors coming from Hollywood.

“I did the Equity open calls and I tried get my feet wet in Broadway but nothing ever really took off.”

Before she made the move to Los Angeles, did she have any infrastructure, any contacts, a mentor?

“Not at all and I admire all of the people who realize that they should probably have that in place before picking up and moving across the country. Because I did not have that at all. At all.”

How did I become a fan of Cheryl Texiera? It starts with a simple confession.

Confessions of a Bride-to-Be

“I started noticing quite a few people are making names for themselves in this industry by having a strong online presence.”

bridetobe2Confessions of a Bride-to-Be started as a class assignment. Cheryl tells me in our interview that she was taking a class in producing content for the internet.

The class assignment was to post a weekly video on YouTube. Still, at first, she was a reluctant participant in the class. But the instructor laid it out: either you just threw away your money for this class or you’re going to be producing YouTube videos. Reality check.

…everyone in the class said had to tell their idea for something to produce for YouTube.

“I had no idea. But I started talking about my wedding and how stressed out I was and one of the girls in class said ‘I’d watch that.’

What started as a class assignment turned into a fourteen episode series of 2-3 minute comedy monologues written and performed by Cheryl Texiera, recorded by a crew of one (her) on her iPhone and shot in her apartment.

So much for needing lights, wardrobe and high-end recording equipment to get yourself on the road to success in this business.

Confessions Of with Cheryl Texiera

Confessions of a Bride-to-Be is a great example of someone using the physical assets they have on hand and using their talent to produce something that is much greater than the sum of its parts.

See if you agree. Here’s one episode that I particularly enjoyed:

The great lesson here, fellow actors, is that these comedy shorts not only showcase Cheryl’s talent as an actress but also her skill as a comedy writer. And I’ll throw the singing, dancing and lyric writing in for free.

What did you think of the video? Click the Voice Mail button on the Actors Talk website or email me at and let me hear your review.

Confessions of a Bittersweet Actress

Is it too soon to call these comedy shorts a franchise? Maybe. But then Cheryl Texiera is already onto the third installment in what looks like it could be an ongoing series so, I’m calling it a franchise. It looks like it has legs to me and potential for a much bigger future.

The second Confessions Of series, Confessions of A Bitter Sweet Actress, really ampted up the production quality and the potential for this series.

You saw the Confessions of a Bride-to-Be video above, so now take a gander at the promo video for Confessions of a Bittersweet Actress and then have a look at Episode 1:

After seeing the first two ‘Confessions Of’ series, it seems to me that this idea has longterm potential. Legs, in industry parlance. How many future Confessions Of series are currently in the hopper for CrazyChic Productions, I wondered?

Other than the two that are currently locked in, there are an additional five or six ideas in development.

“It’s completely open. You could do a Confessions series on anything…”

Confessions Of – A Writer Blossoms

“I’ve been studying comedy for a very long time. Probably longer than I actually realized, if that makes any sense…”

When I asked Cheryl how long she has been writing comedy, she revealed that is was only when she began doing the ‘Bride-to-Be’ episodes for her

class that she began to formalize her writing process.

“When I was much younger, I loved writing. I’m talking MUCH younger, like thirteen, like nine. I would write poems in my spare time.

I would write scripts in my spare time. And then when I got to high school, I stopped all that because my passion was acting…when I started doing dancing, I got the question, are you a dancer or an actor, quite a bit.

You almost feel like, well I have to be ONE because otherwise people won’t understand..and now I’m realizing that’s such a narrow way to look at people, especially creative people…”


I asked Cheryl if she could offer any suggestions or advice for other actors who want to pursue a similar path to creating original content for online distribution.

We are very lucky that we are in a time when technology can be done on the cheap. Get with your friends. Collaborate. Shoot stuff.

Lena Dunham for sure is an inspiration

Cheryl credits actress-writer-producer-director Lena Dunham as an inspiration for the direction she is taking in her career.

Before she got GIRLS, she was doing a web series. Before she had a hit HBO show she was making web series.

She was a writer and she wanted to create stuff. And she was an actress and she wanted to do stuff.

And you look at her [now] and you’d be like ‘she probably would never have to do that [a web series]. But she did. So why wouldn’t you do it.

If you want to be a writer, if you want to be an actor, don’t wait for someone to maybe see your talent or to have an idea of what your talent might be and put you into a box. Go and show them what you are. And put it up and share it with people.

Confessions of An Actor Who Podcasts

Do I have a great gig or what? Little did I know when I began producing Actors Talk that the major beneficiary of this show would be me. I am lucky to get to spend time with so many actors and other creative people who are exceedingly talented, generous with their time and willing to share details of their individual journeys in an effort to lend a hand to those coming behind.

Thanks to Cheryl Texiera for allowing me to get a behind the scenes glimpse of her creative process and of the good work she is producing.

Connect with Cheryl Texiera Here

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