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Director Tracy Trost – Living The Dream | 049

by Tommy G. Kendrick

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…I’ll tell you this: If you believe it’s impossible, then it is. But if you believe it’s possible, then it is. It comes down to you.

What would you do? If you could be anybody you wanted to be, if money weren’t an issue and failure not an option, what would that one thing be? That THING that defined you as a human being?

Tracy J Trost


The questions above were ones Tracy Trost and his employees and associates discussed some years back when they were reading, as a team activity, a book called RELEASE YOUR BRILLIANCE by Simon T. Bailey.

Here’s a bit about the premise of the book from the author:

Each of us is born brilliant. Then we spend the rest of our lives having our brilliance buried by people, circumstances, and experiences. Eventually, we forget that we ever had genius and special talents, and our brilliance is locked away in a vault deep within. So we settle for who we are, instead of striving for who we were meant to be.

And here is how reading this book became the tipping point for Tracy Trost to begin working toward his life long dream of becoming a filmmaker:

Each week, Tracy has a book meeting with his employees where they go through a chapter of a book and look at how they can use the lessons in the book to become better at what they do at the company and in their lives. One week, Tracy asked his employees, “If money wasn’t an object and you couldn’t fail, what would you do?” As he went around the room, each employee shared their dream for their life with everyone. After they shared their dream, Tracy then asked them the following question, “What are you doing on a daily basis to make that happen?”

He went on to explain, that in order to take a trip there are certain steps we all have to take. If you want to somewhere you need to get plane tickets, book a hotel, get a rental car, pack your things, and a number of other small steps that will make your trip not only possible but successful. Tracy told his employees that the same is true in life and unfortunately most people spend more time planning a weekend getaway then they do their lives.

Release Your BrillianceAfter he finished, one of Tracy’s employees, asked him what it was that he has always wanted to do. Tracy quickly replied that he had always wanted to be a director. As long as he could remember, he has always wanted to direct movies. Then the employee asked him what he was doing on a daily basis to get there. He fired her. No not really, but that “dare” is what it took for Tracy to follow his own dreams and Trost Moving Pictures is the result of it and all of us at TMP Studios couldn’t be happier that he took it.

Making movies is what we do, but making a difference is what we love!



I first became aware of filmmaker Tracy Trost around 2010. He was in production on his first full length feature film, A CHRISTMAS SNOW. A couple of things attracted my attention about that production. First was that Muse Watson, probably most widely known as Mike Franks on the hit CBS show NCIS was one of the leads along with Catherine Mary Stewart and Anthony Tyler Quinn.


Tracy Trost – Director’s Diary

The second thing that attracted my attention and led me to follow the progress of the film were the ‘directors diary’ videos that began during pre-production and were posted frequently during production.

In preparing these show notes I went back and visited some of those videos. The Video below is the whole playlist for A Christmas Snow Director’s Diaries. Hit the drop down in the upper left corner of the video to choose from among all the videos available. Video 7 features Muse Watson.


In retrospect, I can see what attracted me to this production. These director’s diary videos let the audience see who Tracy Trost is, not only as a director, but as a person. He doesn’t have to be an actor in these videos, he just has to be himself.

The quality that comes across to me is that of a confident man who is, of course, excited about making his film. But more than that, this is a man who comes across with no affectation and with a strong like-ability factor .

The beauty of these videos is that they connect with the audience on a personal level before and during production. For the up and coming filmmaker, these videos can serve as a graduate level course on how to build your audience long before you’re trying to market your finished film.

Now, the fact is that Tracy Trost is genuinely likeable and it’s easy to root for him and for his film. For the director who may not be as comfortable on camera as Tracy Trost is, find someone on your team who can be your surrogate in that effort. I have no doubt that these director’s diary videos helped build Tracy Trost and A Christmas Snow a sizable audience who wanted to see this film long before it was completed.

It’s been several years since that initial introduction to Tracy and his work and I’ve continued to follow his progress as a filmmaker.

After A CHRISTMAS SNOW, Tracy Trost wrote and directed THE LAMP which starred Academy Award Winner, Louis Gossett Jr.

CARRY ME – Another Award Winning Film

Most recently, Trost Moving Picuters produced an award-winning short film called CARRY ME. CARRY ME presents another model that filmmakers might copy to keep honing their craft. This film, which stands on its own as a short film, has a corporate tie in. Check this out:

Wrapping Up

What I’ve observed of Tracy Trost over the past several years is someone who is not only a good writer and director but also a man who is relentlessly positive.

I’ve seen that quality in his writing online and from listening to many episodes of his podcast, The Successful Life Mindset.

It’s been a goal to get Tracy Trost on Actors Talk Podcast. The timing just seemed to be right and Tracy was kind enough to accept my invitation to have a chat.

I have no idea if anyone will read these show notes. I do know that thousands will download the audio podcast and some will listen to that recording.

If there are listeners who are struggling with doubts and disappointment because your dreams of a career in the film business haven’t yet worked out or seem stalled, I hope you will take some encouragement from Tracy Trost’s story. Remember, he deferred his dream of becoming a film director until he was in his mid-forties!

If you have a dream that means as much to you as breathing, then keep going, keep working and start doing what it takes to make that dream come true. As Tracy said in our chat: ” As long as you have breath in your lungs, it’s not too late.”

Tracy Trost Bio

Award-winning director and visionary Tracy J Trost’s filmmaking technique has rendered him one of the most recognizable independent filmmakers in the industry. The first two films that he co-wrote and directed, Find Me and A Christmas Snow, have won numerous awards including Best Feature, Best Actor, and Best of Festival and have created a wave of audience appreciation and critical acclaim. His follow-up to these instant classics, The Lamp starring Academy Award-winning actor Louis Gossett Jr, is another masterpiece that highlights his artistic talent and richly detailed storytelling. He is quickly building the success of his studio Trost Moving Pictures and his career in the director’s chair.

Some Inspirational Resource Material From





It is never too late to do something outstanding. You can never assume you have peaked. Or that you are never going to peak or even experience a peak. As long as you are breathing there is still the possibility of more, of something greater…that is the reason creation must be continuous… Robert D. Smith




What you believe is what your life is. If you want your life to be something else, then you’ve got to believe differently.


Your podcast is helping other people in the business, learn more about the business. I know you do it because you’re passionate about it. ..but you really care about the people you talk to and you really care about helping your audience….


Coming in 2-3 weeks is my interview with NY Casting Director, Jen Rudin. Rudin has a new book out called CONFESSIONS OF A CASTING DIRECTOR.


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