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Amy Lyndon Teaches How To Book Acting Jobs | 043

by Tommy G. Kendrick

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The 15 Guideline Map To Booking

I first became aware of Amy Lyndon about two years ago when I discovered her book online.

Actors Talk Interview with Amy LyndonI had been going through a bit of a rough patch in my own auditions and just felt disconnected and a bit adrift, sad to say. I knew that I could get the ship righted with some good coaching and I soon discovered 15 Guideline Map To Booking.

Was the material in the Amy Lyndon book revolutionary or something I’d never heard of or pondered on my own? Never figured out for myself over the past thirty-five years? I can’t say it was. After all, we’ve all trained and we’ve taken that training and adapted to how we work best. Hummm….or do we? What about our ‘shortcuts’ and bad habits that might develop and grow along the way?

One thing to get out-of-the-way up front. The 15 Guideline Map To Booking is much, much more than some simple list of audition tips for actors. To be sure there are ‘tips’ built into Amy Lyndon’s book and her coaching. But ‘tips’ doesn’t quite seem to do justice to what she has going on.

The actor must approach acting like an Olympic athlete. The more you practice the necessary skills, the more you will book. When a high level of discipline and concentration on the work is achieved, you will see incredible results.

About Amy Lyndon

From The Amy Lyndon LinkedIn Bio:

amy lyndonThe Lyndon Technique is a revolutionary “15 Guideline Map To Booking” Technique that provides a practical approach to auditioning and booking the job. This way of working is for any actor at any level in their career who wishes to learn the art of competition.

By learning this technique you will know how to break down a script properly and always know what you are doing in your audition. This technique can take you from the bottom 99% to the top 1% of actors booking jobs. “The Lyndon Technique” has helped thousands of students learn how to book acting jobs, run successful businesses and consistently earn their living as actors.

If you want to be an interesting actor, go over every moment and detail and cover it with deep understanding. Every line is like a note in a song. Listen for the music

I’ve heard and tried about every tact you could think of over these many years, to make the audition process something that I can actually enjoy. That’s not easy for most of us. The audition room is not the stage and it is not the sound stage or movie set. But without mastery of what goes on in front of the gatekeepers as well as the decision makers, our chances to actually get the job and ACT for a living are hampered.

Amy Lyndon Says: I teach people who are ready to stop messing around

The Story Always Comes First

Throughout Amy Lyndon’s book you’ll see references to THE STORY. THE WRITER. This is key to Lyndon’s technique. Understanding what it is the writer has placed in front of us. Choices? Look to the script.

The writer makes your ‘choices’ for you. Believe me, making random ‘choices’ is the biggest mistake an Actor can make…Take the time to figure out the Writer’s intent. This is the key to getting into the 1%.

Good Advice From Amy Lyndon: The writer needs you to play the role as written. If you want to book more, understand that this isn’t brain surgery. Keep it simple. Read it as it is written and understand why it is written that way.

How To Memorize Lines

Some actors hammer away at the lines, putting their faith in memorization first, inspiration later. I’m sure I’ve done that.

Some think of the script, the sides as merely an outline, a jumping off place from which to improvise and ‘find the character.’ But what about the script?

What about what the writer has laid out for us to read and understand about our character and how he or she fits into the story?

Searching For Answers – The Memorization Trap

As an experiment, I decided to do a search on the phrase “how to memorize lines” because there seems to be such consternation over learning lines. Over ‘going up’ while in the audition room. The lines, the lines, the lines! How many lines do I have? What are MY lines? How will I ever memorize those five pages of dialog I just got when I have to audition this afternoon?

So…there is a big focus on memorization. To the actor’s detriment, I’m afraid.

My search revealed that the concentration on memorization is substantial. Search engine results are partially driven by MONEY. That’s right. Business people figure out what it is we mortals are searching for, what our point of ‘pain’ is and then find ways to sell us a solution.

So, get this, in Google, there are over 180,000 results for the search term ‘how to memorize lines.’

There are 1200 YouTube videos on the subject. MEMORIZING LINES!

There is no shortage of information, of courses or plans to help the actor learn to memorize his/her lines. As if memorization were part of creating a character, of playing a role.

Well, of course we have to ‘learn our lines’ but many of us go about it ass-backwards.

We all know this but let me state the obvious: Memorizing lines isn’t acting. Memorizing the lines in the right order won’t win an actor the job in the audition room. The competition for those jobs is way to fierce for it to go that way in the professional world.

Dive into the script, find the meaning in each line and getting off book will be a breeze. Amy and I have a nice discussion about this in the podcast. Listen for it.

Don’t practice your lines, practice your thoughts make sure your thoughts are really clear and specific. practice what you’re really saying and then lay the line on top


What I can say is that my going through each of the Amy Lyndon 15 guidelines, it made me realize where I’d gotten off track. How I’d become a bit lazy in approaching the material. So my ultimate reaction to The Lyndon Technique – 15 Guideline Map To Booking is decidedly positive.

In the television world it’s very important to know your place in the script because there are a lot of people who don’t book jobs because they’re doing too much

One bit of advice I’d offer when reading the book and putting these concepts into practice is this: Amy Lyndon is teaching a BOOKING technique. This is not a process oriented approach to ACTING. She is very clear about that in the book. However, the artist in you, fellow actor, may stall at this idea.

There is an interesting discussion ongoing in one of the LinkedIn acting groups. It has to do with TALENT vs TRAINING. I think there is a similar discussion to be had here with The Lyndon Technique. What is the cost to the most talented actor who is pursuing a professional acting career is she can’t book the role when she gets in the room?

I encourage you to listen to this podcast and then, if you think this is something that has value for you, then purchase the book. Read it. Follow the guidelines. See how your experiences ‘in the room’ might change.

If you listen to the podcast, check out the book, read some excerpts online and think The Lyndon Technique is not for you, please feel free to leave comments in the show notes below. I’d love to hear thoughts on this.


If you have questions for Amy Lyndon or want to hire her as a booking coach, check the links below.

TLTAccess – The Business Site For Actors
Telephone: 818-760- 8501
Email Amy Lyndon
Connect on Twitter: @amylyndon
Facebook: Facebook Group
Check IMDb

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How You Can Support Actors Talk Podcast

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A Final Word From Amy Lyndon

Never ask for feedback. Your callback is your feedback. Your booking is your ultimate feedback. You know how you did so stop lying to yourself


BTFS Graphic on Amy Lyndon Actors Talk episodeBenjamin Dane and his film Beyond The Farthest Star which had a big opening in Dallas this weekend. Ben was my guest on ATP on Feb 9, 2012 to discuss the Beyond The Farthest Star. Check it out for the whole ‘behind the scenes’ story of Beyond The Farthest Star.

Emelie-Jane Almond is an acting student from Birmingham School Of Acting in the UK…thanks for getting in touch and I hope the information I sent back was somehow helpful…and good to you as you prepare for the actors life…you have a lot to look forward to…

Also a special shout out to regular listener Will LaPointe. Will, thank you for your most recent email. I always appreciate hearing from you and knowing that you are finding the content here valuable. That really does make my day to hear from you and other listeners who take the time to let me know that what we’re doing here is thanks…

Are you ready for this? Will related to me how a passage from the Book of James in the Bible caused him to reflect on being a ‘honest actor.’ Here’s part of what Will had to say:

…when studying and reading a script consider James 1: 23, 24; “For if anyone only listens to the Word without obeying it and being a doer of it, he is like a man who looks carefully at his own face in a mirror; For he thoughtfully observes himself, and then goes off and promptly forgets what he was like.” If we look at the script but do not behave or do honestly what the words dictate, we will forget who it is we are in this part and, therefore, will not give an honest rendition within the scope of the story.

I was delighted to receive this email the morning after recording my interview with Amy Lyndon. Respect for the word and for the WORD seems to be a theme for me this week!

Be sure to listen to the postscript to the interview as I share a recent email from Will Lapointe that I found very interesting and right on point for this episode of Actors Talk.

And one final bit of information for you, especially if you’re interested in Voice Over:

Note: Some links above are affiliate links. If you follow one of those links and make a purchase, I will receive a commission. You will pay nothing additional for the product or service. But you can always go directly to the site where you want to make a purchase. For those who choose to use the affiliate link, my sincere thanks.



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One of the most difficult things for an actor is finding work. Many of them are very talented. They just don't understand how to get the jobs they want. This information would be very useful for anyone that wants to act for a living. 

Cherie Mendez
Cherie Mendez

I can't tell you how much Amy Lyndon's book has helped me on auditions!!  Her technique will have you knowing and feeling every moment.  Once you get it down you will be off book so much quicker than just simply trying to memorize lines.  She is also the lady to talk to when it comes to the business.  I highly recommend checking out her website and her technique!! 

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